Legington is my own Lego Nation that I made up, it has a rich, deep history, that I had lots of fun thinking up.

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Early History- the Dragon wars

   Legington was first formed by a man named Brickule, in order to combat the dragons who were ravaging the lands. The early Kingdom consisted of the village of Legington, a small sea side village, and the wizard village. After following the dragons to the Island of Doom, Brickule went in the cave the dragons originally came from and sealed it behind him. The people of Legington began to build their villages into great cities and to explore the continent that they lived on, they learned of other civilizations and villages. One of the civilizations was the Ninja Empire, a community of towns populated by stealthy warriors, and rice farmers. The Ninjas were friendly and quickly agreed to be allies with Legington. The other civilization was the Bat Kingdom, a Militaristic collection of towns, villages, and a large city.

   200 years after the first Dragon War, the City of Wizards was attacked and devastated by an army of dragons, orcs, and evil men. it was latter learned that they were under the command of Bucky, a rouge wizard who was banished from Legington for trying to breed dragons. The News of the attack quickly spread among the people of Legington and the other civilizations. While returning to the capital city of Legington the Prince met a strange black clothed, hooded man, who warned that the evil forces of Bucky were going to attack the Capital from the sea. After defeating the forces of Bucky at the capital, the Prince (now the King, the original King was swallowed by a dragon) led a fleet across the Sea of Doom and while crossing they came under attack from a skeletal ship, during the voyage the strange hooded man from before had "appeared" on the Prince's ship, the hooded man teleported to the skeleton ship and destroyed it. The Hooded Man gave valuable information the Forces of Legington and it's Allies, about the defenses of Bucky's fortress. After coming up with a plan of attack the Forces of Good sailed to the Island of Doom and attacked Bucky's sea side fortress. After a long battle the hooded man killed Bucky and the Second Dragon War came to and end.

Map of the known land at the end of the Second dragon war.

Latter History--the Great War

   A large war known as the Great War, started when Communist Bat Union, and it's allies, invaded the City of Wizards. All the wizards were inside the Wizards Tower when a 2000 pound bomb crashed into the first floor, blowing out the bottom of the tower sending the rest smashing into the surrounding buildings. The Legington Royal Commandos were then sent into the city to secure a beach front, a joint force of Legington troops and Ninja tanks then took back the city. The War continued with many countless skirmishes, then another large battle took place at the city of Half Pint, there Legington Royal Commandos held off 50 tanks and 200 infantry, allowing the civilians to evacuate to the other side of the river. The war finally came to an end 8 years latter, when a flying saucer crashed on the island, after the nations heard of the discovery, they quickly came to a truce

Modern History

   Ten years after the Great War ended, the Legington destroyer Brickford, while on patrol made contact with a ship from Tabletown, after that Legington began to receive information of other nations. Two years after making contact with Tabletown the Bat Nation, Ninja Nation, and Legington became one country, all under the name Legington. The island of Legington is now considered a popular vacation and holiday resort, having many attractions, including, a Zoo, a Rollercoaster park, ski resorts, and many historical sites. Legington now has a space program and will launch it's first satellite in a few weeks, allowing cell phones and television programs to reach the people of Legington.

Map of modern Legington, and surrounding islands.


Current Information on Legington

Flag of Legington

Prime Minister---Chadwick Stoll

Recent Military actions---Naval Patrols and Air reconnaissance


Science programs---Legington institute of Oceanography, Legington space program, and the Haunted Woods Exploration group.

Military strength---classified

 Former Prime Minister Chadwick Stoll and his personal guard of Legington Royal Commandos.

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