About is a website that I use to display my creations, Lego, miniature war games, Models, Brickfilms (or Lego Movies, if you prefer), Literature, and other things.

About me

  I, Josh, AKA "Brickule" am, to say it as plainly as possible, a Lego addict and Halo Fanatic. I got my first Lego set as a thing to keep me occupied while on a flight when I was around five years old (I think). Ever since then I have been buying LEGO Sets, and now am enjoying the art of Brickfilming. I am also very much interested in the history of World War 2, the vehicles, weapons, battles, and just about every thing else right down to the Regular Army infantry man.

Future plans for the website?

  Well I plan to have a Forum so that I can host the BBoWW2 (the Brick Builders of World War 2), which will be a place where every one can come and share their custom Lego WW2 creations, which I hope will eventually be able to be a major theme in future events such as BrickWorld.

Want to help out with the site?

  Purchasing from my online shop helps fund future brickfilms and website fees. Donations are ok too.

Need to contact me?

  Send E-Mails to