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Legington under Attack!

This morning the people of Legington were awoken by four large explosions! The Four Cruise Missiles stolen from the Legington Armory were launched from a Clone Brand Submarine. The Submarine traveled up the river and surfaced a few hundred feet off the island of Half-pint. The Missiles seem to have been aimed at Military bases only, however, due to the experimental nature of these missiles, one missed its target and detonated just outside a city in the desert, Rescue personnel are still, searching the ruble, and the civilian death toll is estimated to be around 120. The other three missiles caused severe damage to Legington Military Forces. The LRC training complex is almost completely destroyed. Panicking civilians are trying to leave the continent, but all civilian aircraft are grounded, and sea-faring ships are being kept at dock, in fear of Clone Brand submarine attacks.

 General Eisenhower Declares Martial Law and War!

General Caleb Eisenhower addressed the people today, declaring Martial Law, in order to help the police maintain peace. The General also calls out to other Lego Nations to come to the aid of Legington. He also has now officially declared war on the Clone Brands.

 First Satellite Launched into orbit!

The Legington Space Program has launched their first orbital satellite, but due to the recent events, the satellite will not be transmitting cell phone calls, or television shows. Instead, it will be used for information gathering and Military communications.

Here is a map showing the affected areas



  The prime minister has disappeared, along with four experimental cruise Missiles. Witnesses report last seeing him boarding a ship bound for the Clone Brand Island. Investigators found proof of connections between the Clone brand Military and the Prime minister. Upon docking, the ship was searched by Legington MPs stationed on the Clone Brand Island, the Missiles and the Prime minister were not onboard. Legington is now at DEFCON 3.

Shark Attack!

  A large shark attacks and eats five swimmers off the beach at the capital, the shark was estimated to be some 40 feet in length. The Legington institute of Oceanography has no information at this time.

The Clone Brands Defeated! Victory for Legington! For now….

So now, we will give an overview of the war, and what happened.


The former prime minister and his corrupted bodyguards, steal four experimental cruise missiles.


The clone brands use the missiles against Legington’s Military bases, crippling the forces.

General Eisenhower, declares Martial Law.

Legington Launches a military satellite.


The satellite gathers information about the clone Brands military positions.

The Legington Royal Navy, raises some of their ships and successfully destroy 3 Enemy Submarines.


Legington and it’s allies, plan an attack on the clone brand island.


The former prime minister is captured, and sent to the Legington Super Prison


Legington and it’s allies gain naval superiority, and begin shelling the island.


Legington begins a landing and takes a foothold in one of the major cities, while Allies begin spec-ops missions around the island. Destroying bridges and blowing up ammo dumps.


After continuously taking artillery fire from enemy positions in the jungle, LRC Charlie Squad is sent to destroy the base.


LRC forces destroy artillery units, but are captured by the former prime ministers corrupted Bodyguards.


Legington Main Forces launch an attack at the island’s capital city.


A squad of LRC is sent to destroy an submarine base.

Legington Main forces now control half of the capital.


Contact with the LRC squad sent to destroy the Submarine base is lost.


Fighting in the capital continues


Another quarter of the city is taken


Word reaches Legington command of the destruction of the submarine base, and the loss of the LRC squad.


A rescue team is sent to the sub base to retrieve the bodies of the LRCs, one is missing. Sgt. Jenkins (ghost) Davis


The capital city is completely taken.


A squadron of Clone brand attack helicopters, intercepts the Legington Royal Armor 16th brigade. More than half of the tanks are destroyed. The Armored column then stops to pull survivors out of the destroyed vehicles.


Clone Brands launch a counter offensive, at the capital city.

Clone Brand civilians take up arms against the Legington Forces.


Legington is pushed out of the capital city.


General Eisenhower authorizes the carpet bombing of the enemy’s capital.


Legington Royal Air corps begins bombing the city. Taking light AA, no planes are lost.


The missing LRC from the squad sent to the sub base, infiltrated a prison camp, and freed the captured Charlie squad. All the prisoners then, escaped as the LRC took a colonel prisoner and killed the corrupted LRC.


The capital city is completely leveled by Legington bombs.


LRC Charlie squad leads an attack on the enemy’s main base, only to find it abandoned.


The Clone Brands have all but retreated to the eastern most city.


Legington and it’s allies arrive at the last city, only to find the clone brands military, and civilian population evacuated. A few squads of enemy troops were found at the docs but surrendered without a fuss.


Mafia and Terrorists attack the Prison and get away with Chadwick Stoll. 13 prison guards and 7 inmates are injured.


A new prime minister is chosen. Winston Brickhill vows to protect Legington.


All of the clone brand’s island is completely secured, although the clone brands are temporarily defeated, General Eisenhower and Brickhill, suspect that this is not over, “Chadwick Stoll is still out there.” Says Brickhill “and he is probably planning his next evil scheme right now.”