Brick Creations--Pirates--Leviathan

I made this as an entry for Forbidden cove's Jolly Roger contest, for the Sea monster category.

ARR! AVAST YE SCURVY DAWG!!! THE LEVIATHAN IS UPON YE! The Pirates call it the Leviathan, the Islanders call it UGA UGA!!! LOBSTA RUNZ!, and the imperial soldiers call it the Lobster from Hell. This over grown beastie is the size of a small ship, and has the tail of a shark, giving it good maneuverability when it jumps up from the ocean floor to attack ships. With is huge right claw, it mashes masts, crushes captains, and slices sails. With it's smaller left claw, it grabs fair maidens, and shoves them into it's great maw. nom nom nom! No one know where it came from, but the imperial king has put a bounty on it, that whosoever kills this monstrosity shall be invited the the banquet, where they will serve it up on a giant silver plate.