Brick Creations--Custom Parts

LEGO makes a huge amount of different parts, but there are always things they are missing. Sometimes we can get these from custom accessories sellers like Brickarms and Brickforge, but there are things that even they haven't made yet.


I made these out of LEGO Scorpions, I cut the original tails and claws off, sanded down the arms and back section, and then started to mold new pieces out of Gamesworkshop Modeling clay (AKA Green stuff)

I made new tails and claws, then I added antennae, legs and eyes. And after that I painted them. And before you ask, I am not selling them, they take several hours to make, around 5 hours for each one, In the future I might be able to mold them.

Here is my sunflower Starfish, molded atop a modified 2x2 round plate, with a 1x1 round plate on top.

And here is a bird molded ontop of a 1x1 round tile.